“Breakthrough for
Sleep Apnea Treatment 

What the Medical Journals
And Marketing Materials 
Don’t Tell You”

Sleep Apnea Treatments – Unbiased Reviews
of Successful Sleep Apnea Treatments
That Worked for these 9 Survivors….

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Highly Recommend This Book To Sleep Specialists …

“Thanks John for putting this book together. I have learned a great deal here about sleep apnea from actual firsthand experiences of patients who suffer from this condition. The sharing of their trials, tears and triumphs have made my personal struggle with this affliction so much more bearable. What moves this book is that these were ordinary people who relate their own stories and give insights that no physician or specialist can ever provide. In fact I would go so far as to recommend this book to sleep specialists and others involved in the treatment of sleep apnea in the hope they will remember; that if you want to treat John’s sleep apnea you must first know John.”

Pedro, Mississauga, Toronto


What you are about to Discover…..

  • Don’t Even Consider Using Any of the Sleep Apnea Treatment Methods Without First Reading Our Experiences
  • The 7 Costly Mistakes Sleep Apnea Patients Make When Deciding Which Treatment Method To Choose
  • At Last An eBook On Sleep Apnea Treatment Written By Patients For Patients
  • Hidden Costs Of Sleep Apnea Treatment Devices And Products That You Are Not Aware Of
  • Benefit From Our Experiences With Sleep Apnea Treatment Without Paying The Costs We Paid In Money And Pain
  • Discover Which Sleep Apnea Treatment Can Cause A Change In Your Facial Contour
  • Profit From The Hints And Tips On Sleep Apnea Treatment Methods
  • What Not To Do When Deciding Which Sleep Apnea Treatment To Use
  • Discover The Most Common Side Effect Of Dental Device Treatment And Learn That This Is Also The Most Painful
  • Sleep Apnea CPAP Treatment Side Effects That We Found Out And How We Suffered For Them
  • I Found The Most Effective Treatment For My Sleep Apnea Problem – It Cost Me Less Than US$90 !!!
  • How I Survived The 3 Months Excruciating Pain From My Jaw/Throat Surgery – Learn My Pain Management Regime…
  • Confessions Of A Long Time Sleep Apnea Patient
  • My Sleep Apnea Treatment Device Had Caused My Jaw To Protrude And My Teeth To Loosen!!!


Many Sleep Apnea Patients are troubled by the question:
“Which Treatment will Work for Me?” and many are traumatized 
by NOT knowing “What to Do Next?” when first diagnosed with
Sleep Apnea.


Don’t Despair!!! HELP is here.
Make sure you read on Before
Doing Anything!


To: All Sleep Apnea Patients who are traumatized by not knowing what the Right Treatment is for you!

From: John Hingg (your fellow sleep apnea patient)


If you are like me feeling tired, lethargic and sleepy all the time, unable to keep awake when driving and nearly killing yourself on the road a number of times. You are worried and stressed … wanting to cure your sleep disorder, but don’t know how?

You Don’t know which Treatment to use…

You want to see your doctor, but you’re scared he will send you for surgery. Is there a less painful treatment that is effective? You are overwhelmed and lost!!!

You don’t know where to start !!! You want to speak to someone who has done it?

….Then this is the most important message you will ever read. Big Call? May be. Here’s why….

Hi my name is John, and perhaps you can relate to my story?

Let me explain…

For some time I had been feeling very run down, very lethargic, tired and sleepy all the time. I couldn’t keep my eyes open when I drove. In fact, I had a number of close calls on the road with my children in the back seat.
I wanted to consult my doctor but I was very scared of surgery. I wanted see if I could find a less painful treatment method to resolve my problem.

What Should I Do? Was There A Cure? Where To Start?

Well … I looked for answers on the Internet. And the more I looked the more traumatized I got. The message that kept screaming back at me was:

Sleep Apnea could lead to more serious cardiovascular problems
and premature death if left untreated!!!

By now I was more than worried and traumatized, I was also confused. There’s a lot of information on the Internet but I couldn’t seem to get the answers I wanted.

Don’t get me wrong…. there is a lot of great information on the Web, but it’s all over the place … across so many different websites.

There are Medical Websites, Clinical Help Center Websites… PLUS there are lots of Medical Product Supplier Websites about products and treatment devices.

And the usual marketing materials telling me how marvelous the products are in treating Sleep Apnea blah…blah…. blah…blah…

All I wanted was a quick simple all-in-one resource with information and answers to all my questions and not the marketing mumbo jumbo.

I was already traumatized enough and time was running out for me. I had to make the right decision and get some effective treatment as soon as possible. 

Do you know what I mean? I remember pulling my hair out … and thinking…

“Just Give Me the Info in One Simple Place…. PLEEEEASE!!!”

Anyway… let me save you the trouble and many brain-draining hours in front of the computer because to my knowledge…. there wasn’t a Single Simple Resource available!

If you’re happy to spend the time scouring the websites and pulling everything together, like I did, then be prepared to feel frustrated, stressed, worried, confused, agitated and angry!

And that’s only on the first day! I spent weeks and months piecing together all the information I could get my hands on.

Guess what, I stumbled upon a way to get
ANSWERS to my Questions!!!

I joined a number of Sleep Apnea Forums, spoke to a large number of fellow sleep apnea patients and arranged interviews with them. Over time I selected a range of sleep apnea patients using a wide range of Treatment Methods as my case studies. I spent more than 7 months compiling all my notes.

I got firsthand Knowledge and Information from actual fellow Sleep Apnea Patients and not marketing materials from the WEB!!!

I Want to Share Some of Their STORIES here with You !!!

These were some of the Questions I was looking for Answers to:

  • What are the Common Proven Sleep Apnea Treatments available?
  • Why so many Treatment Methods? Is one Better than the other?
  • How Effective are the Treatment Methods i.e. are they only providing Temporary Relief or do they Actually Resolve the Problem?
  • Is Treatment involving Surgery a Better Option? How Painful is Jaw/Throat Surgery?
  • What are the Different Surgical Treatment Procedures available?
  • Are there Follow-up Procedures that I need to be aware of?
  • What Drugs or Medication should I consider to Treat the Disorder?
  • Are Treatment Methods involving the use of Masks and other Devices Effective and suitable for Everyone?
  • I’ve heard about the claustrophobic side-effects of the dreaded CPAP Mask, is this true?
  • What Impact would Treatment Devices have on my Partner and our Relationship?
  • How Expensive are these Treatment Methods?
  • What Are Other Ongoing Costs?
  • What are Common Side Effects of each of these Treatment Methods?
  • Are there Natural Alternative Treatments available? Have They Been Tried And Tested?

You wouldn’t think it would be too hard to find answers to all these questions right? Well, think again…..

Let me fast forward here…. and take you to the day after many painful and stressful hours of research. 

I managed to put together all the Information, Experiences on Side-Effects, ‘Gotchas’, Tips and Recommendations from 9 Sleep Apnea Patients with varying degree of severity of sleep apnea problem and using different Treatment Methods, together with my other research on the web into this

 NEW “All-in-One” eBook 

It’s the consolidation of more than 7 painful months of research.


narelleWow! I am so impressed with the amount of information provided in this ebook.

If you are wondering if you have Sleep Apnea, and need a diagnosis from a specialist, or have been diagnosed with a Sleep Disorder, then it really helps you to make an informed decision on what treatment is best for you, in conjunction with the advice of your Sleep Specialist.

This ebook will give you a number of options to consider when planning for that serious discussion with your Sleep Specialist or your Doctor.

Narelle Stratford
Brisbane, Australia




Believe it or not…and to cut a long story short….

When I Next Walked Into My Doctor’s Office 
I Was So Relieved, I Knew What To Do!!!

With the information I had researched, I was able to discuss with my Doctor in an intelligent way and without fear of the options … what would work best for me given my particular medical situation.

So Now… I’m Not Lost Or Frightened… Instead I’m Looking Forward To My Treatment And Recovery

This will Save You and
Your Relationship with Your Partner!!!

I thought … maybe there are many other people out there just like me?

You know… who could benefit from my experience.

Particularly when you are physically and mentally stressed and your Partner is too … you don’t want to waste any time and you can’t afford to miss anything either.

You want all the information in one place – One Easy To Read Book!

Introducing the Simple eBook that could be your Trusted Companion in your Search for a Solution to Your Sleep Apnea.

You Want The Right Treatment Method to Resolve Your Sleep
Apnea Now!!!

Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work

Get The Full Story About The Various Forms Of Treatments… 

davidHaving been recently diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, it was indeed a blessing for me to have been able to read this new e-book “Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work”.

The interviews with sufferers and the author’s commentary about the various forms of treatment were, to say the least, most enlightening.

I found the book very easy to read and to understand and it has certainly given me encouragement to now proceed with treatment.

Some of the experiences of the interviewees made for very interesting reading and demonstrated that there is no “one size fits all” solution to this serious health problem. 

I appreciate the huge effort that the author has made to search out the nine Sleep Apnea sufferers and to faithfully report their stories. His enlightened commentaries added substance to their stories.

I encourage anyone researching the problem of Sleep Apnea to read this book so that they can get the full story about the various forms of treatment available.

David Meidling
Port Macquarie, Australia

Here’s a quick preview of what valuable information you will have at your fingertips….

  • Real Life experiences written by Patients for Patients
  • Review by Patients on the Degree of Success of each of the Treatment Methods
    Be sure to read about Lance’s experience with the CPAP machine, the TAP dental device and also his experience with the Mandibular Advancement Surgery.
    This is one patient who has tried it ALL and Lives to tell his Tales. Do you have that sort of Luxury? Do you want to Know what he Knows?
    Lance’s Surgery Pain Management regime is a MUST READ !!!
  • Reasons Why certain Treatment Methods Failed to Work with Some Patients
    You want to know why the CPAP worked wonders for Sarah who gave it a rating of 10 out of 10 while Lance on the other hand threw it out after 3 months and gave it a rating of only 3?
  • Information on Side Effects of the various Sleep Apnea Treatment Methods
    You wouldn’t want to miss this section in all the case studies. Everyone of the 9 patients share their experiences and the side effects they have experienced … this information will make you cringe even to read about them !!!
  • Information on Additional Costs in the Treatment Methods on top of the Primary Cost
    Don’t miss Stuart’s list of ongoing expenses to keep his CPAP machine running in a tip-top condition. And he knows where to get them at discount prices, too. You want to know WHERE?
  • Hints and Tips on How to More Effectively Use a particular Treatment Device
    You will have a chuckle when you read about Ruth’s “wall of love” pillows that she put up between herself and her partner when her CPAP mask was leaking air.
  • What are the Pros and Cons of each Treatment Methods?
  • Comparison Information on the Various Treatment Methods and their Cost
    Each of the case study interview patients discuss the cost of their treatment method plus ongoing expenses. They also talk about what was covered by medical insurance and tips on how to avoid unnecessary delay in claims.
  • Alternative Treatment Methods That Worked
    Roberta decided that she would not go for any of the conventional sleep apnea treatment methods but rather try using an Alternative Treatment instead, and it worked for her at a minimal cost, too. (Be sure to also check out the Alternative and Complementary Treatments for Sleep Apnea eBook Gift below).
  • How Effective Are the Different types of CPAP Machines and Masks
  • Are You Aware of The Painful Side-Effects from Mandibular Devices?
  • Beware!!! Things that Orthodontists Don’t Tell You
    It is really sad to read about Ruth’s unfortunate experience with her anterior mandibular positioning device and the excruciating pain she went through because her Orthodontist kept her in the dark.
    Herman on the other hand was more fortunate but he knew what to ask his dentist/orthodontist. So it pays to know what to ask.
  • Does the ‘Sleep Apnea Pillow’ Really Work? 
    Definitely must Read Roberta’s In-depth Review.
  • What are the more Common Surgery Treatments Used and How Effective are They?
    You will want to compare Robert’s experience with his Septoplasty Surgery with Lance’s Mandibular Advancement Surgery. Do not miss Lance’s Surgery Pain Management regime, it is a MUST READ !!!
  • Do You Know That Laser Surgery Procedures Are Fast and Less Painful? But Is There A Catch?
    Lance in his interview talked about the radio frequency assisted uvulopalatoplasty. 
    Robert went through the procedure of Laser Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty or LAUP in short.
    They both have fantastic experiences to share.
  • Read About the Case of the Patient Who Underwent Not One But Two Surgeries. He Has Some Interesting Recommendations That Goes Against The Grain Of Conventional Wisdom!



Roberta’s recommendation worked well for Jeanette…

Hi John,

I recommended your book to a good friend of mine, Jeanette, who suffers from Sleep Apnea. She found Chapter 7 extremely helpful as she hated using machine to help her sleep. She followed Roberta’s strategy and that worked well for her.

This is what Jeanette has to say:

“The pillow recommended in the book works well for me. It was slightly uncomfortable in the beginning but after 3 weeks of using it, I can sleep better. The instruction booklet that comes with the pillow was helpful too.”

I must say John’s book was interesting and easy to understand. If you think you have Sleep Apnea and don’t know what to do.

I strongly recommend reading this book first, you’ll be surprise to find there are many treatment methods to help you overcome your problem.

Larisa Callaghan,
Brisbane, Australia


Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work


To say I was fearful when I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea would be an understatement. I was more like mortified, especially when told that this disorder could lead to more sinister cardiovascular diseases and even premature death if left untreated.

I was traumatized and frustrated because there were so many questions that I had no answers to. My greatest frustration was that I couldn’t get the answers I was looking for quick enough so that I could make an informed decision faster! The delay could have caused another dozing off while I was driving and a fatal accident on the road!

My Greatest Fears were:

  • If I don’t get treatment soon how fast will the condition deteriorate?
  • My relationship with my partner is deteriorating the longer I delay. I will not only lose sleep but I could lose my marriage and my family in a fatal road accident
  • The Cost of Treatment may be out of my reach the longer I delay
  • How Successful are the Different Treatment Methods? Is there a Cure?
  • What exactly is the best Treatment for Me? I can’t afford the ‘Trial and Error’ option
  • Every Treatment has Side Effects, What are THEY?
  • Surgery is going to be Painful and Expensive, but will it be Effective?
  • Can I be Cured? Are there patients who have been successfully treated? How I wished I can speak to someone who has the answers to all these questions.

If you’re like me, I always believe that there is “No One Solution that Fits All”. I like to know what options are available and then consider the one that best suits me given my particular medical condition.

But who could I talk to about these Options?

It took me many many months looking for ANSWERS, until I found my 9 Fellow Sleep Apnea Patients. Please don’t suffer like I did.

Throughout This Book I’ve Tried To Capture All The Experiences From The 9 Patients Who Have Used Various Treatment Methods 

I’ve Documented Their Recommendations,
Hints & Tips And Their Advice For You 

I Really Drilled Them Because I Wanted The ANSWERS MYSELF!!!

It Was So Reassuring To Be Able To Relate
To Similar Worries And Fears Like Theirs.
Listen To The Audio Recordings,
You’ll Know What I Mean…

I trust this Invaluable Information will help you as much as it has helped me in coming to terms with my sleep disorder and also helped me made a more informed decision in choosing the right treatment method that best suits my medical condition.

This Book has EVERYTHING that I Wished I Had when I First Started Looking for a Solution!
And a Whole Lot More….

So what do I mean when I say ‘A Whole Lot More?’ Let me explain…

In my research process I came across lots and lots of useful information that was scattered all over the Internet. I contacted and wrote to a number of Sleep Apnea Specialists and Researchers and I’ve consolidated and compiled all my findings.

These have been very useful to me and I wanted you to have every single little thing at your finger tips so that you didn’t have to waste time searching for anything online! Like I Did!!!

So I’ve put together these Extra Special Bonuses for you….

FREE Extra Special Gift Bonuses

Alternative Treatments for Sleep Apnea


“Natural & Alternative Treatments for Sleep Apnea”

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But it’s Yours FREE


“What You Need to Know about CPAP”

This eBook Normally Sells for US$35.00

But it’s Yours FREE

Audio CD Collection - 4


“Audio CD – Sleep Apnea Patient Interview Recordings”
(Listen to What the 9 Patients Have to Share)

This collection is worth US$45.95

But it’s Yours FREE

Let’s see … that’s a total of $217.90 worth of Goodies and FREE bonus gifts for you… In truth, I had a great need to put together all those special materials for my own use and they are so useful that I thought I should share them with you. I know you are going to find them very useful and love them just as much as I do…


Okay John, It Sounds Like You’ve Gone To A Lot Of Trouble…
How Much Is This Going To Cost? You May Ask…

Well that is the best part – the price – to be honest with you, if I added up all the cost I paid for the research materials and the countless hours of hard work that I’ve put into this book, I would have to charge you thousands of dollars in labor time alone!

I was told this book could sell for $97 – and it’ll still be great value AND worth a whole lot more! But don’t worry I’ve been through that stage of looking for affordable materials…. I’ve come up with a price that’s fair for both of us.

Considering that most of the treatment devices are so expensive what if you make the wrong decision and opted for something that is not right for you and won’t resolve your problem … not to mention if they had resulted in other painful complicated Side Effects …

– so I wanted to keep it reasonable for you. For the equivalent price of just your Internet access fee you can have my Special Book AND all the FREE Bonuses (valued at $217.90) for only $47.00 and that’s it!

I think you’ll agree with me that you spend more than $47 for a tank of petrol… So I’m sure you’d agree …$47 is a tiny investment to ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that you have all the information you need.

But here’s another little surprise for you…

Since this is all fresh new current information – being the “Launch” of my book… I’d like to give you an Extra Special Bonus!!!! just as a way to say thank you for reading this far….

Slash $20 off the price as a Special Launch Price

I’m not sure how long I will keep it at this special price, but since you’re here now, you can grab the whole lot for just $27.00!!! But you really have to jump on it quick because like I said, I will be bumping the price back up to the original $47 soon once the launch has settled down.

I just really want to eliminate any excuses at all for not buying this book. So for a measly $27 I’m sure no one can ever complain about it being expensive! That’s cheap in anyone’s language!

Get your copy now for $27 only!

I’m going to be blunt here, but you wouldn’t forgive yourself if something went wrong just because you wouldn’t spend just $27 on some important life saving information.

I mean, you spend more than that on food each day – Surely your Life, your Health and your Peace of Mind are worth more than $27.00!

Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work

Get your copy now for $27 only!


One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you are making the right decision, I’d like to take 100% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on my shoulders.

How am I doing that? Simple! Here’s my 100% Risk Free Guarantee. Check it out….


Here’s how it works…In the unlikely event that you are not completely convinced that my special book has helped you in successfully guiding you through making an informed decision in choosing the most effective sleep apnea treatment method that best suits you…

If for some reason you feel that my eBook didn’t meet your expectations, then please contact me immediately for a no question, prompt and swift refund!

In fact using Clickbank’s secure server ensures your credit card details are safe and Clickbank (Internet’s largest seller of eBooks) requires that we honour a 60 days No Question Asked Money Back Guarantee.

Because I don’t want one single person to ever complain that I have taken one single dollar of somebody that I didn’t deserve! I am so confident that this eBook will be so helpful to you as it has been for me, I am so passionate about it that I am on your side with no sneaky ulterior motives!


Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work

Get your copy now for $27 only!

My wife told me I’m crazy for doing this….

“What are you doing John? People on the Internet are just going to rip you off – buy your book – get all the information – then ask for their money back and laugh all the way”.

But you know what? It’s only $27.00, I’m choosing to believe that the majority of people are honest good hearted and wouldn’t do that for a measly $27!

Call me naive, but as I’m sure that the “good honest people” in the world will appreciate this eBook and not be deceitful, not for $27!!!

So let’s re-cap what you’re going to get….

What you get

Value (USD)

Your Investment (USD)


 “Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work”



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Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work

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So there you have it….

You’ve really nothing to lose right?

If you’re like me…you’ll want to be sure that you’re making the right decision for this life changing event.

You’ll want real experience from real users who have actually used the various treatment methods and to know exactly what they have gone through. They have nothing to hide.

And if there are problems you’ll want to know them upfront. In short, you’ll want to have all the real life knowledge to make that crucial informed decision.

With the information included in this book you can be assured that you are well equipped with the knowledge and checklists and avoid painful and costly mistakes. Listen to what the actual Patients have to say about their experiences; the mistakes they have made and learnt from them.

So for Just US$27! You Know You Have All the Information You Need to Make the Right Decision

Anyway… either way, you’ll really appreciate the trouble I’ve gone to putting all this information together for you. So if you want an “All-in-One” Easy Guide and not just Marketing materials from public domain, then all you need to do is simply click the Add to Cart! button. What are you waiting for? You can be reading the ebook NOW !!!

Your Health is very important plus don’t forget Your Relationship with Your Partner is the other important matter to consider - it will be a great Relief for Your Partner too without the loud gasping snoring. 

Don’t believe me? Just Ask Your Partner now. Go On, Do It Now! 

I really wish and hope you have the peace of mind with the knowledge contained in this ebook to enable you to make the right decision that is best for you and your partner.

Wishing you all the best and warm regards….


P.S. So if you are serious about making the right decision on the best Sleep Apnea Treatment that best suits you based on your medical condition and your lifestyle needs….And you want the “All-in-One” Easy Guide at your finger tips…. then your search is over…

You are just moments away from have it ALL (and more) at your finger tips for only $27.00!

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P.P.P.S. Let me remind you that you’re totally covered by my 60-Day “No Questions Asked” money back Guarantee! So there’s no risk on your part at all. So what are you waiting for? You want the Treatment That Work don’t you? Go ahead and click on the Add to Cart! Button Now! 
and start reading with your partner what you have been so anxious to find out NOW!

Sleep Apnea Treatments That Work

Get your copy now for $27 only!

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